Lim Guan Eng applauds CEO’s success

Former Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng proudly acknowledged Tan Hock Eng as the world’s highest-paid CEO in 2023, earning a staggering $162 million USD.

“Tan’s singular success is a testament to the old adage that colour is only skin deep and can never replace the content of your character and performance,” he added, while congratulating him for his success in a Facebook post.

Tan, born in Malaysia, is the CEO of chipmaker Broadcom Inc.

Lim said that Tan has been topping the pay chart since 2006.

He said that Tan succeeded by the virtue of academic brilliance, effort and determination without any money or high-placed connections, proving that Malaysians can be amongst the best in the world.

He further said that Malaysia should value merit, excellence and equal opportunities if we are to produce outstanding talents necessary to become a great nation.

“The challenge is whether we can look past race and religion to produce and nurture more Tan Hock Engs…,” he further said.

His Facebook post was accompanied by an article from FMT, saying Tan was the highest paid CEO in the United States (US) last year.

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