Two police reports and strange questioning

Teacher A Rajeswari lodged two police reports at the Sentul district police headquarters tonight. Both were related to social media posts that insulted Hinduism.

According to the police report cited by Harapan Daily, the first report was lodged against an Arab speaking person who uses the TikTok handle AbdeenTube.

Abdeen reads out verses in Arabic in front of the golden Murugan sculpture in Batu Caves. He also posted another video where he does the same act at the steps inside the temple. He even told another foreigner to listen to him reciting the verses loudly.

A third video features Abdeen reciting Arabic verses in front of a Buddhist temple. The video is captioned, Do you worship other besides Allah, things that can neither profit nor harm you, Rajeswari stated in her report.

“I checked with my Arabic speaking friends. The verses that he read called for the destruction of idols,” she told Harapan Daily.

“His clips can be viewed on TikTok and Instagram.”

The temple in Batu Caves is where thousands of Hindus throng annually to pay homage to Muruga as it is also a Hindu temple and a tourist destination.

Reports against Chef Wan, police

The second report was lodged against popular chef, Datuk Redzuawan Ismail better known as Chef Wan.

Earlier today, Chef Wan came under fire for equating kavadi in Thaipusam with popular Hindi film actor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan‘s dress.

Rajeswari who goes by the name Esha on TikTok also related the strange line of questioning by the investigating officers in the police station.

“They asked me who are the majority in Malaysia. They also asked who is the greater god. I came here to make a police report regarding 3R, not to determine which God is above the other.

“If I lodge a report to MCMC it would take five working days. The police are claiming that it would take them seven days.”

MCMC is the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission.

“Are they going to investigate or give the suspects time to abscond from the country?” she asked.

At the time of writing, many people have already gathered in front of the police station in solidarity with her.

A police report have also been lodged against the police personnel for their unprofessional line of questioning.