Bukit Gasing assemblyman launches wound care service in Bukit Gasing

Bukit Gasing assemblyman Rajiv Rishyakaran initiated a pilot subsidized wound care treatment service in the Bukit Gasing constituency, Selangor.

“People need wound care service. It will take time for this service to pick up as we need to create awareness, especially for the B40 group,” said Rajiv, reported The Malaysian Insight.

MyHealerDoc collaborates with subsidized wound care treatment centers to offer affordable, at-home wound care services, addressing the needs of patients who cannot access traditional medical facilities.

MyHealerDoc said, there are 2.4 million Malaysians requiring wound care, with 1.9 million among them being diabetic patients facing challenges in wound healing.

Immobility is a significant challenge faced by diabetic patients with wounds, he said.

“This is one of the challenges for patients who need wound care. Some are stuck at home and find it difficult to go to the clinic for treatment,” he said, adding that some patients unable to travel alone require assistance, with not all affording Grab rides.

“Some may need their children who are working to take half a day’s leave to accompany their parents to the clinic,” he further said.

“There are no government clinics here and the nearest is at Taman Medan. If someone wants to get to the clinic in a Grab, it will cost them about RM60 for a round trip.

“Of course, government clinics are much cheaper where they only charge RM1, but not many patients are able to go there,” he said.

He said if the wound does not get proper care, it could lead to amputation and lower quality of life.

He stated that Bukit Gasing residents able to receive wound care service at RM60, subsidized from his allocation, though actual cost is RM90.

He also said B40 group would benefit from additional subsidies, only have to pay only RM30 per session.

He underscored the necessity of expanding this pilot initiative nationwide, emphasizing the widespread demand for wound care services across various regions.

“We hope the Health Ministry looks into this because this service is needed by the people,” he said.

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