A sexual predator on the prowl?

Moroccan influencer Abdellatif Ouisa who has been under the spotlight for reciting verses from the Quran, that called for the destruction of idolatry practice, at Batu Caves Hindu temple is a former sexual predator who preys on newly converted women and underage girls.

Aside from Batu Caves, he also pulled off the stunt at the Chin Swee Temple Caves in Genting Highlands.

A Dutch online publication Alien Mag published an article accusing Abdellatif of preying on newly converted Muslim women and underage girls in Netherlands. His modus operandi include sending sexually explicit messages to the victims via social media.

Alien Mag also reported that Abdellatif admitted that he had done so in the past. The Moroccan responded to the allegation by stating that he would let God decide on his transgression.

In a related development, Minister in Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Naim Mokhtar and Bangi MP Syahredzan Johan condemned the Moroccan’s actions in Malaysia.