Pas has no mutual respect for Bersatu

It isn’t right for Pas to announce that it is prepared to contest in six parliamentary seats currently held by Bersatu MPs who are supporting the government.

“Those are Bersatu’s seats. Bersatu should contest them, not Pas. It is impossible for Pas to contest all six.

“Pas is giving out signs that it can contest and win those seats,” said political scientist Dr Mazlan Ali of UTM to Harapan Daily.

“It is also an indication that there is no mutual respect among the component parties in Perikatan Nasional,” he said, in reference to the opposition coalition.

The six seats in question are Tanjong Karang, Bukit Gantang, Jeli, Gua Musang, Kuala Kangsar, Labuan.

Three days ago Pas spiritual advisor Hashim Jasin announced his party’s willingness to contest in all the seats in the event the seats are vacated.

Bersatu has amended its party constitution and wants to vacate those seats from its incumbent MPs so that a by-election can be held.

“Pas needs to negotiate with Bersatu if they want to contest. If they don’t get the green light, cracks would appear in the opposition coalition,” Mazlan added.

He also said that the unity among the PH-BN component parties are better, in comparison.

“Umno did not demand to contest in Simpang Jeram and Pulai. They gave in to AMANAH. Similarly they did not claim Kuala Kubu Baharu.”

He said this in reference to the by-elections held in the three constituencies. Kuala Kubu Baharu was contested by the DAP.

The academic was also asked about Umno laying a stake on the six parliamentary seats.

“They have a basis to claim those since Umno have been representing those constituencies,” he added.

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