EPF 3rd Account withdrawal numbers is high

The Ministry of Finance announced details of a targeted diesel subsidy assistance program, providing a monthly diesel subsidy of RM200 to eligible individuals, small farmers and small gardeners yesterday, highlighted in the Nanyang Daily and Guang Ming Daily. 

The ministry said in a statement today that eligible persons can submit applications starting today. 

China Press Daily and Kwong Wah Daily headlined that since the EPF opened its application to members on May 12 this year, as of May 22, the EPF has approved 3.04 million withdrawal applications from the 3rd Account (Flexible Account), involving RM5.52 billion.

Sin Chew Daily headlined that The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has so far received nearly 3 million applications from members to transfer part of their funds from Account 2 to Account 3, involving a total amount of RM8.78 billion!


Nanyang Daily highlighted that poverty is a global issue faced by many countries, and Malaysia is no exception. The government is working to eradicate poverty. The public is concerned about the poor’s living conditions and the effectiveness of poverty alleviation programs, seeking to understand how the government helps these households become self-reliant and improve their lives, added the daily. 

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