Ex-businessman’s death sentence over graduate’s murder upheld

Kwong Wah Daily, Guang Ming Daily and China Press headlined that the Federal Court yesterday rejected the appeal of ex-businessman Shahril Jaafar, who was convicted of the brutal rape and murder of Chee Gaik Yap 18 years ago, upholding his death sentence by hanging.

Nanyang Daily led with a report that, to address Malaysia’s talent shortage, the Ministry of Investment, Trade, and Industry, along with the Ministry of Human Resources, is finalizing incentive measures to attract skilled Malaysian talent back from overseas.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid stated that the decision by the leaders of Malaysia and China to establish relations 50 years ago holds very special significance, as not many countries dared to recognize the China then Sin Chew Daily front paged.


Sin Chew Daily highlighted that Malaysia has made a significant leap from traditional industries, agro-based industries, and the petroleum sector to developing the semiconductor industry. However, the daily said the key value of the semiconductor industry lies in driving technological advancement rather than production output. 

Our goal is to increase the industry’s added value, thereby upgrading overall industry and human resources through the introduction of the semiconductor sector stressed the daily.

Nanyang Daily highlighted that the government should guide businesses to adopt environmental, social and government (ESG) standards through incentives. Strengthened regulation and review of ESG reports are vital to ensure the authenticity and completeness of corporate disclosures, said the daily.

The daily said they believe that ESG reports are crucial.

The daily said that ESG reports let companies showcase their commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development, while also improving competitiveness and aiding national economic growth. This approach promotes balanced development of the economy, environment, and society, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come, added the daily.

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