Netizen threatens Hsieh

Taiwanese celebrity Cheryl Hsieh, an avid marathon runner and frequent social media sharer, was shocked when a netizen criticized her mountain climbing plans, leaving her feeling scared and considering legal action.

A netizen commented on the social media thread, saying: “Go climb a mountain” under her post, and even said, “I hope your whole family gets into a car accident and gets shattered by a semi-trailer truck.” 

Although the netizen later clarified that the car accident remark wasn’t directed at Cheryl Hsieh, she still felt threatened and scared. 

“I’m really worried about my parents’ safety. I want to cry,” she said in her Thread account. 

With advice from other netizens, Cheryl sought legal advice and threatened the netizens to continue speaking out, saying, “Keep going” and “I hope none of your posts today get deleted.” 

She admitted feeling quite scared but vowed to stay strong. 

Many netizens left encouraging comments, saying “We’re with you,” “Report to the police first,” and “Seek necessary assistance and protection! Wishing you safety! Keep going.”

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