Pas fielding Musalmah? Mere speculations

Penang Pas has downplayed talks that it would field the widow of deceased Sungai Bakap assemblyman Nor Zamri Latif, Musalmah Yusop as mere speculations.

There are talks at the grassroot level that Musalmah would be fielded on behalf of Pas and its coalition, Perikatan Nasional.

Penang Pas secretary Iszuree Ibrahim said there has been no discussion on his side yet and they are leaving it to the party leadership to determine who is best to be the candidate.

“Haven’t discussed or short listed candidates yet including the deceased’s wife on who would contest in the area. I view it as mere speculation since she is in her ‘iddah’ period,” he said, FMT reported.

Iddah is a period of solitary for Muslim women who are widowed or divorced. One is required to stay at home. One is also forbidden to get married during that period.

“The issue on candidate, we are leaving it to the party leadership. We will support whoever as long as they win and defend Sungai Bakap,” he said.

Zamri who also was Nibong Tebal Pas chief defeated PKR’s Nurhidayah Che Rose of PH with a 1,563 vote majority.

He died last Friday.

The Sungai Bakap state seat has 38,409 voters with 59.36% being Malays, 22.54% Chinese, 17.39% Indians and the balance, others.

The seat is part of the Nibong Tebal parliament constituency.

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