Yeoh: No comment on Asia Mobility

Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh Tseow Tsuan declined to comment on the controversy related to Asia Mobility Sdn Bhd, a company linked to her husband, which was appointed to manage public transport services.

“This is a youth and sports ministry event, and that has nothing to do with the ministry,” Yeoh said, reported FMT.

She talked to reporters after introducing the Sport Satellite Account 2022, which is a system to track the sports industry’s details and its economic impact on the nation.

Earlier Urimai chairman P. Ramasamy alleged that the Selangor government awarded the demand responsive transit (DRT) pilot project contract directly to Asia Mobility Sdn Bhd, a company co-owned by Yeoh’s husband, M Ramachandran.

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission chief Azam Baki said they won’t investigate the DRT project awarding, since it is not linked to Yeoh’s ministry and the Selangor government.

“It was the state who decided on the matter. It was the (Selangor) menteri besar who decided on it. It was not her decision,” he said on Tuesday. 

Earlier, Selangor State Investment, Trade, and Mobility Committee chairman Ng Sze Han said that it is incorrect to believe only one company, Asia Mobility Sdn. Bhd., is involved in the demand-responsive transit (DRT) pilot project.

“In reality, two companies are involved in the bus-on-demand proof of concept in Selangor: Asia Mobility Sdn. Bhd. and Badan Bas Coach Sdn. Bhd,” he said in a statement. 

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