Wisma Putra confirms Malaysian climber’s death in Alaska

Zulkifli Yusuf, 37, a Malaysian climber, died during an expedition on Mount Denali in Alaska, US. 

This was confirmed by Wisma Putra through the Consulate General of Malaysia in Los Angeles.

Wisma Putra said via a statement that the Consulate General of Malaysia in Los Angeles has been in touch with the next-of-kin of the deceased and has extended consular assistance. 

Additionally, it was reported that two other Malaysian climbers in the same expedition had been hospitalised.

“The Consulate General of Malaysia is monitoring their health condition closely and extending consular assistance,” Wisma Putra said. 

The Consulate General of Malaysia is coordinating with local authorities, and efforts to recover the body are ongoing, contingent on weather conditions. 

Zulkifli, 37, was confirmed dead at 6 am (Malaysian time) on May 29. 

The Alpine Club Malaysia (ACM), which manages the Malaysian climbers group, confirmed this.

Communication Chief at ACM, Ayob Yahya, said that the two other Malaysian climbers from the same expedition, Zainudin Lot, 48, and Illaham Ishak, 48, were safely brought down and are now stable at a hospital in Talkeetna, Alaska.

He mentioned that Zulkifli’s death was probably due to high-altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) and hypothermia, New Straits Times reported. 

However, to confirm this, he said local medical authorities will conduct a post-mortem examination.

Earlier, reports indicated that two of the three Malaysian climbers on Mount Denali, which stands at 6,190 meters, were stranded near the summit since May 28.

Ishak, one of the climbers, successfully descended to Camp 5 (4,330 m) from the summit to seek help to rescue the other two climbers.

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