Hamas roadblock to ceasefire

US State Department has blamed Hamas for being a road block to a Gaza ceasefire and hostage deal.

“To be clear, the roadblock right now to a ceasefire is not Israel: The roadblock to a ceasefire is Hamas.

“The world should know, the Palestinian people should know, that the only thing standing in the way of an immediate ceasefire today is Hamas,” said US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller, reported several international media houses.

US President Joe Biden had unveiled a three phase proposal on Friday that aims the release of all Israeli captives, some Palestinian prisoners and an end to the Israeli occupation of Gaza.

Each phase is six weeks long.

In a related development, Malaysia has urged all the parties to accept the full implementation of Biden’s proposal to end the ongoing war.

“Malaysia has consistently called for a permanent and effective ceasefire that would bring about an end to the killing of Palestinians and the conflict in Gaza.

“In this context the three phase proposal announced by President Biden for complete ceasefire, release of captives and efforts to end permanent enmity and a holistic reconstruction plan for Palestine is a right move,” Wisma Putra said.