MITI: Jatronics doesn’t manufacture semiconductor

Jatronics Sdn Bhd which has been sanctioned by the US for allegedly supplying components to Russian military is not a semiconductor manufacturer but a trading company, the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry clarified.

The company trades in semiconductor products and fabrication services.

MITI pointed out that Putrajaya enforces trade management through the Strategic Trade Act 2010 that regulates export, transit, transshipment and brokering of strategic items, that are potential military applications.

“Based on records, Jatronics is not registered (for such activities) under STA and has not applied for export permits,” it said.

The ministry also said Malaysia adhered to multilateral sanctions and the restricted or prohibited end-user list under the UN Security Council Resolutions (UNSCR).

“Russia has not been listed by UNSCR and therefore is not included under STA,” the ministry added.

It was reported yesterday that Jatronics was among the 300 entities sanctioned by the US.

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