Russia, China concerned over US draft resolution backing ceasefire proposal in Gaza

Russia and China are concerned about a US draft resolution that backs a ceasefire proposal that was announced by US president Joe Biden for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

UN Security Council’s sole Arab member also is not ready support the draft resolution, Reuters reported.

Russia, China and the US are among the countries in the UNSC that holds veto power. The other two nations with veto power is France and Britain.

The draft resolution can only pass if it obtains nine votes in favor without any veto.

It welcomes the ceasefire proposal which is acceptable to Israel and wants Hamas to also accept. It also urges both parties to fully implement the terms without condition and delay.

Some council members are questioning whether Israel actually accepted the ceasefire plan.

They want the council to stick to a demand made in March for immediate ceasefire and unconditional release of all hostages.

Russia want the above and called for the ceasefire in phase one to be in place while negotiations continue in phase two.