Hybrid sweet melons exclusive for farmers in Terengganu

The Cucumis Melo is a hybrid of seven varieties of melons from China and Japan that was developed 10 years ago to lead the nation’s premium fruit industry.

The fruit is sweet, juicy, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside has become a hit at the entrepreneurial exposed organised by Bank Negara Malaysia.

The seeds are closely guarded by the Terengganu state government that allows it only to be planted in the state.

Priced at around RM23 per kg, it cheaper than imported hybrid sweet melons and have a longer shelf life, reported CNA.

These sweet melons are grown in greenhouses on four cycles each year. They thrive in hot weather, and are ready to be harvested in 65 days.

In general, hotter weather leads to larger fruits, as the melons suck up more water and nutrients from the ground.

However, farmers said that the unpredictable weather these days poses a constant headache for them.

To improve farm operations, technologies such as artificial intelligence are being adopted. They also help to gather useful data to future-proof the industry.

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