DLP shouldn’t be blown out of proportion

The Education Minister, Fadhlina Sidek, said that the Dual Language Programme (DLP) issue shouldn’t be blown out of proportion.

“It should run concurrently, and we don’t feel this matter should be exaggerated because it’s just a matter of how to comply with the guidelines and meet the requirements based on those guidelines,” she said, reported Sinar Harian. 

She also said the Penang Education Department (JPN) has engaged in discussions with certain school parent-teacher associations and relevant parties regarding the implementation of the DLP in the state. 

She said that the feedback received from the associations has been positive.

“Feedback from the engagement session conducted by Penang JPN with the relevant stakeholders was very good,” she said. 

“We want to emphasise that the guidelines must be complied with. That is why the engagement session is very important as it allows Penang JPN to provide an explanation (on the matter). The engagement session is also an ongoing process,” she also said, reported The Sun. 

“The DLP program is based on the policy of strengthening Bahasa Malaysia and enhancing English. Both must go hand in hand, so the process of engaging with relevant parties is crucial,” she said, reported Sin Chew Daily.

Fadhlina was addressing media queries about a joint letter from 11 Chinese school boards and parent-teacher associations in Penang, urging the Ministry of Education to retract the compulsory mandate for Chinese primary schools to offer at least one class teaching Mathematics and Science in Malay.

She made the remarks today at the Penang Mutiara Media Club’s Family Day event held at Waterpark Bertam.

The DLP programme falls under the policy of Enhancing Bahasa Malaysia and Reinforcing English (MBMMBI).

The programme offered schools the choice to utilize English for science and mathematics subjects.

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