PMO scammers busted

China Press headlined that a scam group, operating under the name of the Prime Minister’s Office, launched an SME investment project five years ago, defrauding 15 people of nearly 30 million ringgit. Now, with the police crackdown, 18 people, including a 70-year-old man, have been arrested.

The sudden implementation of the diesel subsidies rationalisation, left industries unprepared on the first day, reported Nanyang Daily. It caused confusion and chaos, with strikes and plans to halt operations, leading to widespread market disruption, the daily said.

Sin Chew Daily frontpaged the lack of clarity in the targeted diesel subsidy policy details, along with the inconsistent price difference of RM1.20 per litre and registration issues for the Budi MADANI subsidy assistance program, has caused chaos in the market on the first day of diesel price liberalisation, with many unresolved issues.

Both Kwong Wah Daily and Guang Ming Daily led with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim stating that the targeted diesel subsidy mechanism is an unpopular measure that needs to be done to save the country.


Nanyang Daily highlighted that implementing disaster response measures and learning from advanced countries is essential, after all, prevention is more effective than post-disaster rescue.

Enhancing public awareness and education on disaster crises can minimise the loss of life and property caused by environmental destruction, the daily added.

Sin Chew Daily highlighted that the newly implemented target subsidy diesel likely to cause dissatisfaction or inflation. However, the government cannot afford to reverse the policy, the daily said. Adjustments can be made if needed, after its implementation, the daily added.

The daily also said domestic diesel prices will align with international rates and address fiscal challenges and the weak Ringgit.

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