China Press Facebook page is back

The China Press Facebook page is back after it was taken down on Monday.

It was confirmed that the China Press Facebook page disappeared due to a violation of Facebook community guidelines.

“Our newspaper’s Facebook page was earlier suspended for posts deemed to violate community guidelines.

“After relentless efforts from the management appealing to Facebook, that day finally brought good news: our appeal was successful!” China Press Daily said.

China Press said they weren’t informed which posts led to the temporary suspension of their main Facebook page.

“Actually, according to official information, they did not inform us which posts have issues,” said China Press staff when contacted by Harapan Daily.

On 10 June, China Press said they would not be hindered by this incident, and the publication stated they would continue to stand at the forefront of news.

“We are fearless and continued to stand at the forefront of news – it wasn’t that we were not seeing each other, but we were seeing each other in a different way,” China Press said on the day its main Facebook page disappeared, adding that they temporarily posted their news on their other Facebook page.

When China Press Facebook went down on Monday, they temporarily relied on their other Facebook accounts, namely China Press Johor and China Press Penang, to continue providing their readers with the latest news.

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