Big bucks in gambling promos: influencers potentially earn RM20,000

Ban Lee Hin Group chairman Datuk Tony Looi Chee Hong, a prominent figure in the local influencer community, disclosed that within this circle, first-tier influencers could earn up to RM20,000 if they engage with gambling syndicates.

He said gambling syndicates often offered that much as remuneration to first-tier influencers for promotional purposes.

He had once received a proposal from an online gambling syndicate.
Initially, he thought it was for promoting a product, but upon deeper understanding that it was for an online gambling syndicate, he promptly refused.

He pointed out that the syndicate had proposed an “endorsement fee” of RM10,000 to RM20,000 to him.

However, he admitted that he was not convinced at all. He mentioned that influencers can be categorised into first-tier, second-tier, and third-tier, with first-tier influencers having a large number of followers and significant influence, hence commanding the highest remuneration.

He stated plainly that he strongly dislikes gambling and believes that influencers have a significant influence on society. Therefore, he does not support influencers promoting or partnering with online gambling syndicates, reported China Press Daily.

On June 13, police arrested 27 local influencers suspected of conspiring to promote gambling activities for an online syndicate.

The syndicate have penetrated the influencer community and enlisted attractive high-profile influencers as spokespeople to aggressively promote gambling activities. by offering generous remuneration.

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