Good news from PM tomorrow?

Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil revealed that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim would share positive updates on food items tomorrow.

“We await the prime minister’s announcement tomorrow. It concerns some common food items that we consume daily, so there is good news from the prime minister, not more than that,” he said.

“But it shows that when we have good cooperation from the industrial sector, the government, and an understanding that our intention is for the people, we are able to make announcements like the one the prime minister will make tomorrow,” he said, reported Bernama. 

He made these remarks, after inaugurating Mydin Mart Pantai Dalam and distributing Aidiladha contributions to Lembah Pantai residents,

The government spokesperson emphasised that the announcement stems from strong cooperation and mutual understanding with the industrial sector to aid the public.

When questioned about the nature of the announcement, whether it is related to rice, Fahmi, also the Lembah Pantai MP advised to wait for Anwar’s forthcoming special announcement tomorrow.

Fahmi also commended the launch of Mydin Mart in Lembah Pantai, lauding its management for maintaining stable prices, unlike other traders attributing price hikes to the government’s diesel subsidy rationalisation.

“Mydin Holdings Berhad managing director Datuk Ameer Ali Mydin explained earlier that there is no need for price hikes because the logistics sector still receives diesel subsidies where the cost is only RM2.15 per litre,” he said.

“So, I emphasise that the government’s subsidy rationalisation aims to curb smuggling activities, and reports from the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living indicate a sudden change in diesel sales patterns, giving us the confidence to continue subsidies for deserving and needy groups,” he added.

He also encouraged the public to use the ‘price checker’ app, developed by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living, to compare prices and find goods at reduced prices.

Moreover, Fahmi emphasised ongoing initiatives to encourage the public to favour local products. 

He also said that supporting these efforts can bolster Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), ensuring their products are both high-quality and cost-effective and available across all sectors.

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