Positive attitude key to success in education

China Press Daily and Guang Ming Daily headlined that yesterday the government announced that, the retail price of domestic A, B, and C-grade eggs will be reduced by three cents each.

Sin Chew Daily highlighted that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said that the latest data shows a decrease in egg production costs, particularly in chicken feed costs. To pass the savings from subsidies back to the people, the government has decided to reduce the retail prices of A, B, and C-grade eggs across the board.

Kwong Wah Daily said that after the adjustment, Grade A eggs are priced at 42 sen each, Grade B eggs are priced at 40 sen each, and Grade C eggs are priced at 38 sen each.

Nanyang Daily front paged that the movement of talent is an inevitable phenomenon in a free market. Although national development may face challenges, our country must also build its own economic strength, including strengthening the ringgit, to retain citizens and attract talent to return, the daily added.


Nanyang Daily highlighted that success in education depends on attitude; only with a positive attitude and diligent study can one achieve success, the daily said.

According to Dr Annuar Ahmad, an education expert from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM),the primary reason for the stagnation in Bumiputera education levels is a lack of discipline. He also said that poverty and family issues can affect children’s learning, added the daily.

The daily said that while poverty and family issues can affect children’s learning abilities, the daily said deviations in national education policy are the most critical factor.

The daily said we should learn from the education systems of other countries and integrate the right values into our own education system to cultivate the best students who can withstand competition and challenges in any field.

Ethnic confidence is an important belief that can foster a strong, progressive, and resilient spirit, said the daily. With strong beliefs, we can become self-reliant, eliminate complacent attitudes, and establish a positive and proactive mindset, the daily added.

Sin Chew Daily said that the targeted diesel subsidy plan is an important step in our country’s reform. The government must proceed cautiously to ensure this policy can have a “soft landing” without causing significant disruptions, said the daily.

The daily added that if some businesses use this as an excuse to raise prices, it could trigger a chain reaction and burden consumers. The government must enhance oversight during this critical period to prevent a wave of price increases, the daily added.

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