MICCI: Find ways to return subsidies to the B40

Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI) president Christina Tee said the government must have ways to return the subsidies to the actual B40.

“I think the government wants to impose controls. In other words, I think they want to tighten controls at this time, and they must have ways to return the subsidies to the actual B40,” she said.

“This is very important because, frankly, how many B40s in Malaysia use diesel? Not many. Diesel is actually more widely used by logistics players,” she said, reported Business Times.

She was referring to the government’s recent decision to roll out targeted diesel subsidy on June 10. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim previously said the previous bulk diesel subsidy program benefits only T20 and foreigners.

She also highlighted MICCI’s reputation for advocating policies that aid economic recovery and growth and expressed support for the government’s initiatives, reported New Straits Times.

She underscored MICCI’s role in championing the interests of the business community and forging close working relationships with government agencies to craft practical policies.

“MICCI is very well known for our loudness in supporting and recommending certain ideas that will help the government agencies work on executable policies.

“Some efforts led to introducing measures that support economic recovery and growth, such as tax incentives and financial aid packages for mid-tiers.

“We are close to government agencies, and this amplifies MICCI’s advocacy agenda,” she added.

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