Curb false info on social media regarding targeted diesel subsidy

Perak Communications, Multimedia and NGO Committee chairman Mohd Azlan Helmi wants the relevant agencies to monitor social media platforms to ensure the dissemination of false information regarding targeted diesel subsidy is curbed on the social media platforms.

“Although there is freedom of speech, it should not be abused in the cyber space with elements of defamation and so on. Facts need to be discussed with facts. It cannot be discussed with imagination or elements that are personal and oriented towards certain parties.

“Strict action will be taken to curb such elements. it is not to punish, but to discipline the community to channel the right information,” he said, reported New Straits Times.

He added that the state government are advising the public to be careful in making judgments as they attempt to understand the government’s decision to implement the subsidy.

“What this government is actually doing is to prevent smuggling and return the subsidy to more important areas, especially in the aspects of development, health and education,” he said.

He added that any individual who is eligible but fails to get the diesel subsidy can submit an appeal with evidence to the relevant agency.

“The prime minister himself, during his visit to Kerian earlier, also explained that if there is a problem related to diesel, to write an appeal letter,” he said.

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