Joining BRICS provides Malaysia with more opportunities 

China Press, Nanyang Daily, Kwong Wah Daily and Guang Ming Daily headlined that Malaysia and China signed 14 memoranda of understanding and cooperation agreements yesterday, including the Protocol on Phytosanitary Requirements for the Export of Fresh Durian from Malaysia, which made it possible to export local fresh fruits from Malaysia to China.

Sin Chew Daily front paged that Chinese Premier Li Qiang stated that China is willing to continue prioritizing its relationship with Malaysia in their respective foreign policies. 

Using the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations as an opportunity, they aim to accelerate the construction of a China-Malaysia community with a shared future, maintain close high-level exchanges, continuously deepen cooperation in various fields, and continuously enrich the content of the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.


Sin Chew Daily highlighted that during Chinese Premier Li Qiang’s visit, Malaysia and China signed 14 memoranda of understanding, further strengthening their already stable relationship. 

Joining the BRICS would provide Malaysia with more opportunities, the daily added. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is working hard to lead the country forward, the daily said. 

Nanyang Daily believed that Malaysia has a unique advantage in the halal industry. Faced with the vast global halal market, Malaysia has the capability and conditions to continue leading the development of this industry, the daily added.

On June 16, One Belt One Road Chamber of Commerce (OBORCC) president Datuk Seri Tan Thian Lai, pointed out that many Chinese companies have expressed their desire to learn from Malaysia’s successful experience in the halal industry, particularly in the fields of food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

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