PN admits tough battle ahead for Sungai Bakap

A Perikatan Nasional senior leader admitted that the opposition coalition would have a tough time to win over non-Malay voters in the Sungai Bakap by-election that would further complicate Pas’ bid to retain the constituency on July 6.

The leader admitted that non-Malay voters are mostly supporting Pakatan Harapan and Malay support have not changed, FMT reported.

“We are unable to attract the 40% of non-Malay voters in the area, and our Malay support has plateaued.”

The PN leader also admitted that the strength of PH and Barisan Nasional’s (BN) grassroots machinery, primarily due to Penang Umno, had also chipped away at PN’s Malay support.

“The PH and BN machinery in the constituency is strong. The MP for the area is also a PKR minister,” he said, referring to Nibong Tebal MP and education minister Fadhlina Sidek.

“In PN, we can only rely on the strength of PAS’s machinery. PN’s non-Malay components such as Gerakan do not have a strong party machinery, and the Malaysian Indian People’s Party, which just joined us, is inexperienced.”

The semi urban mixed seat is made up of 59.4 percent Malays, 22.5% Chinese, 17.4% Indians and 0.7% other voters.

The by-election has been called after the seat was vacated following the death of Nor Zamri Latiff from PAS on May 24.

Pakatan Harapan has named Dr Joohari Ariffin of PKR against Pas’ Abidin Ismail in this by-election.

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