Yadim set to ensure preachers are in tune with Malaysia Madani

EXCLUSIVE Islamic Dakwah Foundation Malaysia, better known in its Malay acronym – Yadim, has set its goal to ensure preachers nationwide preach Islamic values that are in tune with the Malaysia Madani vision of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“The tenth prime minister brings the vision of Malaysia Madani. It is our duty to ensure preaching activities are carried out in line with Malaysia Madani. Malaysia Madani is not about carrying out the complete teachings and instructions of Islam as that would make our non-Muslim friends uncomfortable.

“It is rather about values in Islam that matches the vision of Malaysia Madani and can be a reference for this nation. I believe these values would not trouble the non-Muslims. Instead it would be beneficial to them in the context of sharing this nation,” said Yadim chairman Hasanuddin Yunus when met at his office in Putrajaya.

He said this when asked about the reforms that has been introduced by Yadim under Anwar’s administration.

Anwar’s alliance prior to the 15th general election was consistent in calling for reforms. In addition to that Anwar also has been consistent in putting forth Islamic concepts in the forefront of his administration.

Most recently Anwar urged Muslims to be proud of Islamic heritage.

Hasanuddin also explained about the work Yadim does with Islamic preachers.

There are many preachers out there. It is incumbent on us to gather them and align them on the right track. Sometimes there preachers who may, purposely or otherwise, scold, get angry and even worse, bad mouth the non-Muslims.

We put them on the right track and make them understand that Malaysia is a shared nation, a nation that places Islam as the religion of the federation while allowing believers of other faiths to freely practice their faith.

“We ensure their activities are synchronised with the vision for our nation.”

He added that Yadim has also been tasked with nine reform agendas which includes engaging with various stakeholders, beyond religious divide.

“We will collaborate and interact with multiple sectors, with both Muslim and non-Muslim NGOs.”

Elaborating further, Hasanuddin said Yadim is collaborating with a Sikh NGO to provide welfare.

“The Wilayah Persekutuan Mufti was present to ensure whether their food preparation was halal. He then declared the food prepared by the Sikhs are halal,” he said regarding Yadim’s collaboration.

His explanation is also due to the fact that some Muslims do not consume food prepared by members of other faiths.

The Yadim chief was also asked regarding preachers who preach to the extent that they ride on Islam for the sake of gaining personal fame instead of the faith itself.

“It is Yadim’s duty to ensure preachers speak based on knowledge, not emotions. They must speak honestly, not for popularity sake. They may attempt to be popular by raising something catchy but sensitive even though it involved 3R.

“We will ensure that we educate them. Fatwas from mufti allow Muslims to attend celebrations of non-Muslims faiths. One only needs to ensure the food is halal.

“As for preachers who debates and puts forth his or her stand, Yadim is working on that. Yadim is discussing with them periodically.”