App for scams, reveals Lai Pei Jing

China Press headlined that a local company is suspected of misusing the Johor Darul Ta’zim FC (JDT) name to promote a fraudulent vending machine investment plan. So far, 19 people have lost a total of RM1.84 million.

Nanyang Daily front paged that from last year to the first five months of this year, an average of seven companies per day in Malaysia have applied for voluntary or compulsory liquidation.

Sin Chew Daily headlined that Malaysia mixed doubles shuttler Lai Pei Jing revealed how she got scammed out of her savings. 

She downloaded the Dobevil app and ran her own store on a cross-border e-commerce platform, handling tasks like order-taking, purchasing, supplier shipments, and buyer receipts. 

She earned profits from this, and as the orders grew larger, she invested more money. However, she started to realise she was being scammed because the order amount became too large to be matched by the merchant’s procurement.

Sin Chew Daily believed that she may have fallen into an advanced version of a brushing scam.

Kwong Wah Daily reported that the nomination process for the Sungai Bakap (N20) by-election has been completed, with the unity government set to face off one-on-one against Perikatan Nasional.

The unity government candidate for the by-election is Dr Joohari Ariffin while Perikatan Nasional’s candidate for the by-election is Abidin Ismail.

Guang Ming Daily warned against exchanging currency with strangers.

The daily said those who do so might risk losing money, having their identity stolen, and potentially having their bank account frozen for receiving illicit funds, which lead to significant financial losses.