Diesel price fluctuations: Little impact on night market hawkers

Fluctuating diesel retail prices had little impact on night market hawkers, said Seri Petaling Night Market Association chairman Frankie Cheah.

“Most night market hawkers use vans or cars to transport goods, so I believe the fluctuating diesel retail prices have little impact on them.

“However, some night market hawkers who sell fresh goods use lorries for transport, but most of them have applied for targeted diesel subsidies from the government.

“I think the fluctuating diesel retail prices have a greater impact on the transportation industry rather than on night market hawkers. Therefore, I believe raising the prices of night market goods is illogical and an opportunistic move.

“At the same time, some night market hawkers have asked whether they should increase prices. I have advised them that if they believe the impact is minimal and they still have a profit margin, they might consider holding off on price increases. It depends on whether the hawkers prioritize quality or quantity,” he said

He added that price increases at the night market had undoubtedly affected consumers and reduced the crowds.

“Therefore, I hope hawkers will hold off for now and reassess the situation before making any further decisions,” he said, reported Sin Chew Daily. 

On June 10, the bulk diesel subsidy was terminated and replaced with a targeted diesel subsidy, causing diesel prices to fluctuate. 

The diesel price is currently set at RM3.35 per litre.

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