Bird’s nests props up tourism in Malaysia

China Press headlined that three Chinese men convicted of murdering Yap Wei Seng (name transliterated) back in 2010 were sentenced to death but have had their appeals granted by the Federal Court. Their sentences were reduced to 35 years in prison and 12 strokes of the cane, allowing them to escape the gallows.

Nanyang Daily front paged that bird’s nest tourism is booming in our country, especially after the implementation of the visa-free policy between Malaysia and China. The number of bird’s nest business and tourism inspection groups visiting Malaysia has surged by over 100%. Now, foreign buyers who are developing or interested in the bird’s nest industry are flocking to explore the potential of this emerging market.

Sin Chew Daily reported that the Sarawak government has agreed to co-host the 2027 Southeast Asian Games with the federal government, on the condition that the opening ceremony and some sports events are held in Sarawak.

Kwong Wah Daily headlined that several areas in Perlis were hit by a storm recently, destroying more than 55 homes.

Guang Ming Daily headlined that following the dismissal of the Musang King judicial review case on April 24, the judge ordered the Pahang State Agricultural Development Corporation (PKPP) to maintain and harvest the illegal durian orchards in Raub.

The Forestry Department has deployed drones for 24-hour surveillance over orchards for the past two weeks in view of the upcoming durian season to prevent trespassing and fruit theft.


Sin Chew Daily said that adopting a pragmatic approach to drive national progress and create a better life for the people is the right direction.

Malaysia’s decision to join BRICS is also a pragmatic move, as it benefits the country and promotes national development, the daily added. After all, in these challenging times, a pragmatic strategy is what will ensure the nation moves forward steadily and further, the daily said.

Nanyang Daily highlighted that It is impossible for our country to develop technology without foreign assistance. In line with the national industrial transformation, Malaysia is moving towards the development of digital economy, new energy, and artificial intelligence, the daily said.

The human resources required for these fields exceed the capabilities of ordinary foreign workers; the demand is shifting towards a knowledge-based workforce, the daily added.

The daily also said that promoting the prosperous development of the national economy is not solely the government’s responsibility; opposition parties must also play their part in fostering prosperity for the country. It should not be about opposing for the sake of opposition or hindering progress, the daily said.

What we need more is a broad-minded approach, embracing diverse talents to contribute to the country’s development, added the daily.