Hong Kong actor’s misadventure: a series of unfortunate hotel room changes

Hong Kong actor Ng Siu Hin recently came to Malaysia for a movie shoot, but his trip was plagued by several unfortunate incidents.

Recently on the social networking service Threads, Ng said that he had switched hotel rooms three times in the past week.

The first time, he relocated because of a bedbug issue.

Because the actor had to change rooms unexpectedly, he was provided with an unoccupied room that had been vacant for a considerable period.

“The new room was at the end of the corridor. When I entered, it was really gloomy,” Ng said, The Star reported. 

His new room also presented its own set of issues, such as a faulty shower head holder, a leaky toilet, and an apparent supernatural presence.

“I felt very uncomfortable during the night. I had goosebumps while lying in bed and felt like someone was looking at my phone with me,” Ng said.

He also disclosed hearing unusual noises emanating from the bathroom.

“It was as if someone was stumbling around inside. The lamp next to the bed couldn’t be switched off either,” he said, 

He added that he couldn’t sleep the entire night.

The following morning, Ng sought advice from a psychic friend who said there was an otherworldly presence in his room and asked whether Ng had incense with him. 

As a result, Ng opted to change rooms once more.

After changing rooms for the second time, he found himself dealing with disruptive construction noises coming from the floor above.

“So I changed rooms again. Three room changes in a week. I’m really the unluckiest person,” he said.

Many netizens in the comments section expressed being spooked by Ng’s story.

Another commenter queried whether he had knocked before entering the room. 

Knocking before entering a room is an act observed by the superstitious as a way to seek permission before entering an empty room.

“I usually knock on the door, but the manager who was helping me change rooms just opened it without knocking,” Ng responded.