Ask questions on Malay reserve land in the state assembly, Fawwaz

Natural Resources and Environment Sustainability Minister Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad pointed out that Malay reserve land is within the jurisdiction of the state. Hence it is best to raise issues related to Malay reserve land to the state legislative assembly.

“Issues related to Malay reserve land is more suited to be debated at the state legislative assembly. Hence details related to Malay reserve land status that was changed to non-Malays can be referred to state authorities,” he said in a written reply to Muhammad Fawwaz Mohamad Jan (PN-Permatang Pauh).

He added that Article 89(3) of the Federal Constitution required state authorities to replace land that ceased to be Malay Reserve land with other plots of land with similar size and character.

The act of replacing Malay reserve land is not within the jurisdiction of the ministry because the Federal Constitution states that land is a state matter.

Fawwaz had asked for the total acreage of Malay reserve land in each state that had its status changed to non-Malays and the action taken by the ministry to recover the lost land.

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