PKR Youth condemns vandalism of campaign materials

Penang PKR Youth has strongly condemned the actions of irresponsible individuals who vandalized Pakatan Harapan flags and campaign materials in Bandar Tasek Mutiara yesterday.

Party workers discovered the incident at Puteri Gunung around midnight while conducting monitoring rounds, according to the party’s chief, Muhammad Fadzli Roslan.

During the monitoring rounds, he noted, a group of men, suspected to be from a rival party, were seen putting up campaign materials in the area.

He said soon after that, campaign materials belonging to the PH were discovered to be damaged and removed from the area.

“We do not wish to speculate or accuse any party, but the vandalism occurred after the group was seen installing campaign materials in the vicinity of the incident.

“Upon inspection, a total of 38 banners and 53 flags were taken down and damaged, some found inside the drains, replaced with Perikatan Nasional campaign materials,” he said, reported NST. 

He said this after filing a report at the Seberang Prai Selatan district police headquarters today.

Fadzli stated that he has handed over all evidence, including photographs of the group suspected of sabotage, to the police for further investigation. 

He emphasized that campaigning activities should be carried out peacefully, without provocation or extreme measures.

“Young people should set a good example.

“If weather is cited as the cause of the damage, there were no storms or rain last night,” he said.

He hoped that the remaining campaign period would pass peacefully, free from any additional provocations or vandalism of campaign materials.

Police confirmed on Tuesday that no reports had been received regarding any parties touching on 3R-related issues during the campaign for the Sungai Bakap by-election.

The Sungai Bakap by-election is set for July 6, with early voting planned on July 2.

In the forthcoming Sungai Bakap by-election, PH candidate Dr. Joohari Ariffin will face off against PN candidate Abidin Ismail.