Fourteen women conned out of nearly RM10 million

A Chinese youth is accused of defrauding 14 women of nearly RM 10 millions by allegedly posing as a business elite, China Press, Guang Ming Daily and Kwong Wah Daily led.

Moreover, he allegedly transmitted sexually transmitted disease to them.

The accused apparently use the following modus operandi.

Once he confirmed his relationship with his girlfriends, he immediately began to play the victim, claiming he has business problems and urgently needing funds. He then borrowed money from loan sharks in his girlfriends’ names.

Malaysia doesn’t have a policy to prevent BlackRock from investing here and has no intention to do so, said Investment, Trade and Industry Minister Tengku Zafrul Tengku Aziz, Nanyang Daily front paged.

This was based on Tengku Zafrul parliamentary reply yesterday.

Sin Chew Daily front paged that in just one month since its opening, the flexible third EPF account for the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has seen 2.93 million members or 22.6% of them, withdraw RM6.98 billion, averaging RM2,382 per withdrawal.


Sin Chew Daily said that preventing the import of electronic plastic waste is crucial to avoid severe ecological damage. If the country is pursuing high-quality sustainable development, it cannot compromise on public health or environmental integrity, the daily added.

These are the common responsibilities shared by the government, enterprises and the whole people, the daily said.

Nanyang Daily said that people often talk about financial management and wealth generation, yet poverty persists because the poor struggle to turn their living expenses into capital.

Moreover, because they have no experience and skills in operating capital and no capital awareness, the poor can only remain poor, said the daily.

The daily said that to break free from poverty, one needs to have initial capital, much like what the late American businessman Charles Munger refers to as the first USD 100,000. Once this initial capital is secured, wealth can follow with just a bit of effort, the daily added.