Non-Malays love P Ramlee for a reason

Klang MP Ganabatirau Veraman said that P Ramlee’s films were loved by all races despite the availability of other movies because they bring all races together.

“We also watched Indian films during that time, but P Ramlee’s movies still became a favourite for all races because I see him in films always bringing elements that bring all races together,” he said in a TikTok video posted by Bukit Bendera MP Syerleena Abdul Rashid.

He added that P Ramlee’s films stand out which is a testament to his outstanding acting talents.

“We can see his own quality, as an outstanding actor,” he said.

He added that many others share his love for Ramlee movies.

“I feel like it’s not just me; if you were to ask Malaysians, my age, we all love P. Ramlee,” he said.

P Ramlee, a versatile artist, excelled as a singer-songwriter, composer, actor, director, and producer.

He left a lasting legacy in film, music, and literature.

His real name was Teuku Zakaria Teuku Nyak Puteh.

In 1955, he made his directorial debut with Penarek Becha, a blockbuster that continues to be celebrated as one of the finest Malay films of its time.

He passed away from a heart attack in Kuala Lumpur on 29 May 1973, at the age of 44.

He was laid to rest at the Jalan Ampang Muslim cemetery in the Malaysian capital.