Get back at your ex while doing good deeds

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Selangor has launched the ‘Neuter Your Ex’ campaign, participants can sponsor the neutering of a stray animal for RM100 and name it after an ex, which gives people the chance to playfully get back at a past lover.

SPCA Selangor announced that each RM100 donation will directly fund their ‘Potong Royong’ project, which aims to humanely control the stray animal population in Selangor through large-scale neutering efforts.

“What better way to channel your feelings than by helping animals in need? It’s a unique way to get some closure and have a good laugh while supporting a great cause,” SPCA said via a Facebook post.

To join in their playful campaign, visit SPCA Selangor’s ‘Neuter Your Ex’ fundraising page and make a donation.

After a donation is made, a form will be provided to submit a name for the neutered animal, whether it’s an ex’s name or any other amusing moniker. The organization will then post updates on social media whenever the sponsored animal has been neutered.

SPCA Selangor also invites sponsors to share entertaining or outrageous stories about their exes. The organization will feature the funniest or most heartwarming stories in a special highlight.

“Your ex’s name will live on in our records, attached to a happy, neutered animal. It’s a story you can share with friends and family, knowing you’ve contributed to the welfare of our furry friends,” SPCA said.

“Donate now and make your ex a part of our animal welfare story! Thank you for your support and sense of humour!” SPCA added.

At the time of this writing, they have already raised RM8,475 towards their goal of RM100,000 in donations.