Harmful plastic pollution worsening

Indonesia Immigration had arrested 103 Taiwanese nationals suspected of cybercrime, with most of their victims being Malaysians, headlined China Press and Guang Ming Daily.

However, Indonesian authorities are unable to charge them with cybercrime because the victims are in other countries, making it difficult to establish the crime.

According to data from the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), the total value of foreign direct investment (FDI) in various states last year showed a stark contrast, reported Nanyang Daily. 

States with strong performance attracted tens of billions of ringgit in foreign investments, while some states only received over 100 million ringgit or nearly zero. Some states also experienced a significant decline, with foreign investments dropping by nearly half. 

The public would know whether targeted subsidy would be extended to RON95 petrol in due time since Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli remained coy on the implementation of targeted subsidy for petrol headlined Sin Chew Daily. 

Perlis is now the second state, following Kelantan, to prohibit fuel station operators from selling diesel and petrol multiple times a day to both local and foreign customers, Kwong Wah Daily led.

Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry’s enforcement director, Datuk Azman Adam, said that starting on June 28, all 39 fuel stations and retail license holders for diesel and all grades of petrol in Perlis must immediately comply with the new directive.


The problem of plastic pollution harming the global environment seems to be getting worse, Nanyang Daily said. 

The daily added that people must seriously consider the consequences of using plastic and deeply think about how to break free from plastic dependency.

Due to the low rate of plastic recycling, effectively reducing the environmental harm caused by plastic can only start by refusing plastic bags or gradually reducing plastic use from the production end, such as switching to plant-based or biodegradable plastics, said the daily. 

Of course, this also requires education and advocacy through the media to promote green concepts, encourage the use of reusable shopping bags, and advocate for green consumption, the daily also said. 

Additionally, the cooperation of businesses is needed to adopt green packaging and increase investment in clean technology, so that everyone can become an environmental practitioner and innovator, the daily added.