Reprieve for top SPM scorers

Senator Sivaraj Chandran is offering a reprieve to SPM top scorers who received straight ‘A’s in the SPM examination but failed to gain entrance into the matriculation courses.

“In an effort to support your further education, I am attempting to collaborate with and convince a few big companies. No guarantee but I am trying,” he said via Facebook.

Those who have exemplary results are required to email him at

Sivaraj had previously called upon the government to increase the number of matriculation seats for Indian students to 2,500.

Speaking to Harapan Daily, Sivaraj welcomed the participation of the private sector.

“It would be part of the private sector’s corporate social responsibility (CSR). I welcome them to join this effort for the future of Malaysia.

The government offers a total of 40,000 matriculation seats. Of these numbers, in practice, 90 percent are for bumiputeras.

Last year, there were 8,000 applicants but there was only opening for over 1,000 hopefuls.