PM justifies decision to open matriculation programme to all SPM top scorers

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim justified his call to open matriculation programme to all SPM top scorers who scores 10 ‘A’s.

It was meant to reduce tensions, he said in his speech during the Prime Minister’s Department’s monthly assembly this morning.

Anwar pointed out that the Bumiputera quota has caused controversy as some put forth the point that it was against minority rights and question rights of the Bumiputera.

“So we (the Cabinet) took a balanced approach. If they are our citizens, we should care for them. Therefore, we must embrace the reality of meritocracy,” he said in his speech.

“This move should ease the ‘tension’ that the education ministry faces almost every year (when matriculation placements are announced). In this heated political climate, such matters can sometimes lead to racial and social tensions.”

The decision was made by the Cabinet on Friday. He announced the decision yesterday.

While there are no racial quotas for admission into public universities since 2002, matriculation colleges main a 90% quota for Bumiputera and certain foundation courses are exclusively for Bumiputera.

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