Ten ‘A’s requirement might sideline Indian students

The 10 ‘A’s requirement in SPM that ensures a spot for matriculation might sideline Indian students, pointed out Senator Sivaraj Chandran.

“The reality is there are more Chinese students compared to Indians among the non bumiputera student population. This means of the 10 percent seats allocated for non bumiputera students, the majority would be Chinese students and even lesser for Indian students.

“It is well known that even prior to this Indian students face difficulty in getting a seat for matriculation courses. It will be tougher now,” said Sivaraj in a statement.

He said this in response to Prime Minister Datuk Anwar Ibrahim’s announcement yesterday that all students with 10 ‘A’s would be given matriculation seats effective from next year.

This morning he also justified his decision. Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Zambry Abdul Kadir assured that there are ample number of seats to accommodate the students.

In light of this, Sivaraj reiterated his call for 2,500 seats to be allocated for Indian students.

“I would like to ask for 2,500 to be allocated under a special quota for Indian students in the matriculation programme. This step is necessary to ensure Indian students are not continuously sidelined and this will create equal opportunities for higher education.”

He also highlighted that the 10 ‘A’s would have many education opportunities unlike those with lesser ‘A’s.

“For those with 6 to 9 ‘A’s, matriculation is the easier platform for them to join university, especially into critical courses such as medicine, dentistry and pharmacy.

“This is why matriculation programme was opened for non – bumiputera students under the BN administration.”

He also added that the 10 ‘A’ requirement is a hurdle for Indian students.

“Most of the Indian students only take 9 subjects. If they don’t take Tamil Language and Tamil Literature, the government should consider students with 6 to 9 ‘A’s.