No bodyguards needed, God is with me, says Teresa Kok

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok said she didn’t hire bodyguards after receiving death threats in the form of two bullets and a threatening letter last month, because she knows God is with her.

“Nevertheless, I have not hired bodyguards because I know God is with me; He is my protector who can shield me from bullets, so I do not feel afraid,” she said, reported Nanyang Daily.

She also said that when receiving such threats, some friends refused to dine with her, and passengers seated next to her on flights also felt worried.

The DAP lawmaker said that as politics is her profession, therefore she must confront all challenges that come her way.

She said this at the celebratory banquet held at St. Peter’s Catholic Chapel, Kuala Sepetang, Perak.

She received an invitation from Monsignor Stephen Liew to attend the consecration of the chapel.

On May 18, Kok received both a threatening letter and bullets.

She subsequently reported the incident at Petaling Police Station, where she handed over both the threatening letter and the bullet.