No need subsidy rationalisation for RON95 fuel now

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has confirmed that there are no policy paper to implement subsidy rationalisation for RON95 fuel.

He added that the government intends to evaluate the returns of rationalising subsidies on electricity, chicken and diesel.

“We will look at its impacts first and the people’s reaction, then we can discuss to see if there is a need (to rationalise RON95 subsidy).

“What’s important is that we must stop giving subsidies to the very rich and foreigners. I will not compromise on that,” said Anwar during Prime Minister Question Time.

He was fielding a supplementary question from Ahmad Fadhli Shaari (PN-Pasir Mas) who had initially asked about indicators to gauge cost of living levels and programs conducted by the government from their findings.

“Subsidy rationalisation is difficult to implement. If you ask me, (the lifting of subsidies for) RON95 should have been implemented long ago, but it’s not easy,” he said.

“The problem is that 3.8 million foreigners use this fuel, and even wealthy people driving Rolls Royce use subsidised fuel. How are we going to resolve this?”