Pas rejects Urimai as PN component…

Pas has rejected Urimai as a Perikatan Nasional component since the opposition coalition already has the Malaysian Indian People’s Party (MIPP) as its Indian component party.

Pas deputy president Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, however, is open to the notion of having Urimai as a “partner”.

“This is what PAS would propose,” he said, FMT reported, adding that any application to join PN would be discussed by the top leaders in the opposition.

“There are many who wish to join PN and this is encouraging and inspires confidence.”

Urimai pro-tem chairman P Ramasamy told the press on Sunday that he would consider bringing his party into PN’s fold if it was committed in championing the rights of non Malays.

PN currently has two parties and two wings representing the interest of non-Malays. They are MIPP, Gerakan, Bersatu associate wing and Pas non Muslim supporters wing.

Urimai was formed in November last year but has yet to obtain approval from the Registrar of Societies.

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