Over 100,000 affordable houses are ready for lower income bracket

The Housing and Local Government Minister Nga Kor Ming announced that his ministry has finished constructing a total of 101,516 affordable housing units for the lower-income group.

“This commitment is ongoing. Under the Budget 2024, 19 new PPR projects are being built including 6,006 units that will benefit approximately 24,000 low-income households.

“We are now embarking on a new public housing model, the People’s Residential Programme (PRR).

“The PRR is envisioned to be well integrated, sustainable and liveable, featuring green spaces, community centres and also commercial viability,” he said, citing the People’s Housing Project (PPR) initiative.

He said that the initiative extends beyond simply offering a stable housing supply; it aims to provide residents with a space for living, working, and recreational activities.

“It will also incorporate green initiatives to ensure we abide by our commitment for energy transition and low carbon emissions,” he said, reported The Star.

Nga also emphasised Malaysia’s commitment to leveraging digital technology for effective oversight and management of housing developments via the Housing Integrated Management System (HIMS).

He said that the system has significantly streamlined the processing of developers’ licences and advertising permits, and this has improved efficiency and transparency in the overall process.

“Additionally, Malaysia has embarked on developing Big Data Analytics for housing, which will help create more effective, data-driven policies for better planning,” said Nga

He said this during his opening address at the ASEAN-China Ministerial Roundtable on Construction and Housing (ACMROCH) 2024, held here today on Wednesday, July 3rd.