Police investigate husky abuse case

Police have launched an investigation into the abuse of a husky by its owner, following the circulation of a viral video exposing the incident.

A report was made about the incident at 12.47 am yesterday said Kajang district police chief Assistant Commissioner Naazron Abd Yusof.

“The report was lodged about a viral video where a man was seen hitting a dog multiple times at his apartment balcony in Batu 9, Cheras, here,” he said in a statement today.

He said that the Veterinary Services Department (DVS) will investigate the dog’s owner.

“We wish to advise the public to refrain from breaking the law.

“This includes abusing animals including pets.

“Those liable can be prosecuted under the Animal Welfare Act 2015,” Naazron said, reported NST.

An unnamed spokesperson from the DVS said they received multiple reports about the incident through its Selangor office.

The unnamed spokesperson said that the department is looking into the incident.

Recently, a viral video showing a husky being abused by its owner prompted swift action from animal rescuers who rushed to a condominium in Kajang to rescue the canine.