Parking fees for EVs may be waived, says Nga

Housing and Local Government Minister Kor Ming announced that a proposal to waive parking fees for electric vehicles (EVs) entering cities is under consideration. 

This initiative aims to promote EV usage following the recent introduction of “green plates” for these vehicles. 

“We are currently studying the possibility of giving parking exemption for EV cars as a push factor for more people to buy EVs rather than traditional fossil fuel cars,” he said, reported The Star.

He said this after attending an ASEAN-China Roundtable on Urban Construction and Housing (ACMROCH) today. 

He mentioned that his ministry is in discussions with the relevant local councils to assess the viability of the proposal.

He referenced London as an example, where non-EV cars face a congestion fee of approximately RM90 per entry into the city, while EVs are exempt from parking fees.

He said currently that around 3,000 charging stations have been established thus far.

Regarding the establishment of approximately 10,000 EV charging stations nationwide by 2025, Nga noted that the progress has been slower than expected.

He welcomed the private sector, including foreign investors, to establish more charging stations.

Back in May, Transport Minister Anthony Loke unveiled reduced road taxes of up to 85% for EVs, which will also receive special license plates.

Loke mentioned that these plates would assist the Fire and Rescue Department in easily identifying EVs in the event of accidents.