Pas retains Sungai Bakap

Pas’ Abidin Ismail retained the Sungai Bakap seat for PN in a straight fight against PH’s Dr Joohari Ariffin.

Abidin obtained a bigger majority compared to his predecessor, the late Zamri Latiff who won it with a whisker of 1,563 votes.

He polled 14,554 votes with a majority of 4,269 votes against Joohari’s 10,285 votes.

Puteri Gunung was the only polling district that saw Joohari having majority votes.

According to PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli, the Malay to non-Malay voter turnout was contrastingly different.

The voter turnout among the Malays were 70%, 47% among the Chinese and 58% among the Indians.

Overall, the voter turnout was 63.24%.