TikTok account holders implicated in Esha’s death

Several TikTok account holders have been implicated in the cyber bully case that led to the death of 28-year-old Tik Tok user known as Esha.

Rajeswary Appahu better known as Esha, 28, passed away on July 5. She was using a second account @rajeswary_2717.

A police report was filed by Esha’s friend where she named three TikTok users as the culprits who caused the death of Rajeswary.

The police report was filed at the Sentul police district headquarters.

The three are Shalini Periasamy who uses @alphaquinnsha, Dhanya Neevashinie Shankar of Glory Cosmetic and a TikTok user known as Dulal Brothers.

“I believe Shalini Periasamy, Dulal Brothers and Dhanya Neevashini Shankar of Glory Cosmetic frequent threats via cyber since the beginning as the cause of Rajeswary’s death,” She said in her report.

Rajeswary’s friend viewed a live session by Dulal Brothers on 30 June where the person used Rajeswary’s photo with a friend as background for the session. Rajeswary was slandered openly in Tamil language and the person also threatened to rape and murder.

On July 1, Shalini Periasamy through her TikTok account @alphaquinnisha also conducted a TikTok live session where she slandered and threatened to harm Rajeswary.

“Shalini and Dulal frequently conducts joint live sessions where they threatened individuals who are against them. They would upload photos of individuals during their live session and use vulgar words to embarrass their victim.

On the same day, Rajeswary had informed her friend that another TikTok user @spiritualgangster786 had pitted her against Indian Muslim convert preacher Zamri Vinoth.

This was done by @spiritualgangster786 even though he knew that the two did not see eye to eye on matters of faith.

Dulal was doing a live session against Rajeswary at the same time which caused the latter to be depressed.

All over mercury laced products

On July 3, the police report states that another TikTok user @Aahan Senju uploaded a recording of Dulal’s live when the latter was insulting Rajeswary.

He confirmed that he would attack Rajeswary’s online products.

“Ya baby we must kaw, must find more bad elements about her to ignite the fire,” he said in that live.

Following that the friend clarified the matter with Rajeswary who revealed that the latter had lodged a report last year against Glory Cosmetic since its products contained mercury.

This led to the product being banned by the Health Ministry.

Glory Cosmetic was dissatisfied and opened two troll accounts Aahan Senju and premilanbottomilenghoven to insult and tarnish Rajeshwari’s dignity.

“On July 5, both Shalini and Dulal did a joint live session on TikTok claiming that they embarrassed Rajeswary but her death had nothing to do with them.

“Shalini manipulated her involvement with Dulal Brothers in Rajeswary’s death,” Esha’s friend mentioned in her report.

A message was also transmitted to Dhanya Neevashini.

Rajeswary’s funeral is held on July 7.

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