DAP reaffirms their undivided support for PM Anwar post Sungai Bakap by-election

Democratic Action Party (DAP) stands firmly with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, reaffirmed Housing and Local Government Minister Nga Kor Ming. 

“As a political party driven by a vision and mission to build a highly respected Malaysia, DAP will continue to fully support Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s leadership in driving reforms and implementing policies that benefit the country and its people.

“We will stand firmly with the Prime Minister in his efforts to rebuild our beloved country,” said Nga Kor Ming during a media briefing at the Perak State Legislative Assembly today.

Nga also said DAP respects the voters’ choice in the Sungai Bakap by-election and will engage in deep introspection with humility.

He said DAP currently has 40 Members of Parliament. 

“In this regard, DAP leaders will strengthen dialogue and communication with grassroots communities to deeply understand the sentiments of the people from various perspectives.

“Meanwhile, DAP remains committed and dedicated to collaborating with parties in the unity government to achieve success and continue striving to win the hearts of the people in preparation for the upcoming general elections,” he said. 

The July 6 Sungai Bakap by-election saw Perikatan Nasional achieved a decisive victory. Abidin Ismail, their candidate, secured a substantial 4,267-vote lead over PH’s Dr Joohari Ariffin, marking a significant triumph for the party.