Don’t resort to verbal abuse, says Kang

MCA’s deputy national organising secretary, Datuk Kang Meng Fuat, stated that students who have not been approved to enter matriculation should said properly to the authorities rather than resorting to verbal abuse.

“The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, announced yesterday that the Cabinet has decided that Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) students scoring 10 ‘A’s can directly enter the matriculation program. The government is actively implementing this.

“If there are still students awaiting approval, they should reflect properly to the authorities rather than resorting to verbal abuse.

“The prime minister also mentioned that the government will discuss and seek solutions impartially, regardless of race. This can be resolved through proper discussions,” he said via a Facebook post.

Kang urged Education Deputy Minister Wong Kah Woh to expedite the resolution for students identified through his office, the MCA Youth’s list, as well as those still awaiting admission in the Ministry of Education’s system.

He emphasized the critical need to ensure prompt admission for all eligible students without any further delay.

Kang also called on the Education Ministry to publish a timetable and disclose details within a specified time so that students can have enough time to plan their further studies.

He said only then can students and parents be relieved of their anxiety.

Kang also urged the government to empathize with the feelings of parents and students who are anxious about not being admitted despite the Prime Minister’s announcement.

He expressed disappointment that Wong, faced with pressure from parents and students, politicized the issue and accused MCA Youth of attacking the Education Ministry and having ulterior motives, which is regrettable and frustrating.

“The Education Deputy Minister, Wong Kah Woh, should be pragmatic. MCA Youth’s action is to assist the unity government by collecting information and submitting it to the Education Ministry to solve the problem. Unless he has something to hide, he should not accuse those acting on behalf of the people of having ulterior motives!” he added.

Kang also urged DAP and state assembly members to actively assist and handle the cases of students in their constituencies who have not yet been admitted.

He cited an example from Bentong in Pahang, where he received numerous complaints from students who have not yet been admitted.

Kang also urged Anwar to establish an accountable system and to take decisive action against ministers, deputy ministers, and officials who do not carry out Cabinet decisions.

This approach aims to address the underlying issue of decisions not being implemented effectively, he said.

Anwar’s June 30 announcement ensured that students scoring 10 ‘A’s or higher in the SPM would gain entry into the matriculation program, regardless of their race or socioeconomic status.