Grievances should be handled internally, says Lee

Ipoh Timor MP Howard Lee questioned Malaysia Chinese Association (MCA) secretary-General Datuk Chong Sin Woon’s motives for airing his grievances publicly about Barisan Nasional (BN) and Pakatan Harapan (PH) cooperation in the next general election, stating that such actions could damage the image of the unity government.

“As a member party of BN, whether they are surprised or dissatisfied with the BN chairman and deputy prime minister proposing cooperation with DAP for the next general election, they should resolve it internally within BN.

“Publicly airing MCA’s grievances within BN not only undermines confidence in BN but also affects the overall image of the unity government.

“What is MCA’s true intention in doing this?” he asked on his Facebook.

He said that after the unity government candidate’s defeat in the Sungai Bakap by-election, MCA Youth acted as if it were an uninvolved third party, criticising PH for making excuses and urging them to review their governance.

MCA also claimed that they are focusing on their own plans to regain the confidence of the Chinese community.

“The MCA president had publicly announced they had assisted in the election, with the deputy and vice presidents present on nomination day, and the president himself making appearances during the campaign.

“Does MCA need to review their own contributions to the unity government?

“Have they withdrawn from the unity government? Were their claims of assisting in the election false?” he asked.

He said from start to finish, MCA have consistently attacked the unity government with words and actions.

“It is well-known that leaders at all levels of MCA and their extensive network of online operatives frequently attack the unity government through social media and official statements.

“In the recent by-election in Kuala Kubu Baharu, MCA announced they would not mobilize or assist. Before the by-election in Sungai Bakap, MCA claimed they were assisting the unity government; after the election, they criticised the government. This clearly shows their true intentions!” he added.

“Everything they have done seems to aim at undermining the unity government’s efforts and causing its failure by various means, showing no constructive contribution from MCA within the unity government,” he further said.

Moreover, he said MCA’s suggestions that they are trying to let the extremist Pas regain power so they can maintain their positions in the government is not only a betrayal of the voters but also a significant threat to the country’s future.

“MCA opposes cooperation between BN and PH, yet they seem to be covertly collaborating with Pas. Are they not afraid of such “teammates”?” he asked.

“We must remind MCA that their ability to hold two seats in parliament is entirely due to UMNO’s support. Without UMNO, they wouldn’t even retain these two seats. As a ruling party, MCA has not fulfilled its responsibilities but instead constantly engages in underhanded tactics. Their malicious motives and hypocritical nature are evident.

“Lastly, we urge all supporters of the unity government to see the true face of MCA and not be deceived by their hypocritical rhetoric,” he added.

He added that DAP will continue to work hard with like-minded members of the unity government for Malaysia’s development and the welfare of its people.

Recently BN Chairman Ahmad Zahid Hamidi announced that BN will cooperate with PH in the next general election and will not contest in constituencies won by PH.

On July 4, Chong said MCA and Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) expressed surprise at Ahmad Zahid’s announcement.

Both parties emphasised that this matter had not been discussed by the BN Supreme Council according to Chong.

Perikatan Nasional secured a commanding victory in the July 6 Sungai Bakap by-election. Their candidate, Abidin Ismail, triumphed over PH’s Dr. Joohari Ariffin by a substantial 4,267 votes, highlighting a significant win for the party.